This collection of images was created over a period of two months in autumn 2020.

Similar to my other projects, WOODLAND went through its own evolution. My aim was to photograph autumnal woodland, but I did not have a specific idea regarding the desired outcome. For me, photography is a form of exploring the environment around me. It is guided by a situational inspiration rather than thorough planning, so the outcome is often quite unpredictable. This, however, allows me to make the most of the existing opportunities while letting my personal style and vision take over the creative process.

I started with photographing woodland as a type of landscape with a wide-angle lens. I applied classic compositional rules including leading lines; the rule of thirds; the use of frames; as well as the use of foreground, midground and background, which create depth and dimensions in the images. I also looked for compositions with subjects that would suggest a story or had some interest to them, and I used fog to separate the subject from its background in order to create a strong centre of focus in my images.

However, I gradually started to look for different compositions with focus on abstract qualities of scenes. Instead of well-defined subjects, I rather tried to fill the whole frame with patterns consisting of colours, lines, shapes and textures. These features became prominent compositional elements in my images, and in order to pronounce them, I tried to eliminate depth. I used fog mainly to simplify patterns and textures by eliminating details, especially in the background. I also used fog to capture unusual colours resulting from unique lighting conditions it creates.

The resulting collection of images has virtually two poles - classic broad woodland landscapes and intimate scenes with graphic or abstract qualities. This catalogue groups the images with similar characteristics together, but it also roughly represents the chronological evolution of the project and its focus. It attempts to showcase the variety of images from this project while giving slightly more space to intimate landscapes, reflecting my personal preference and appreciation of the variability of colors, shapes and patterns in these photographs.

Dedicated to Aki.

In Martin, autumn 2020.

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