ZERO Filters is a Slovak producer of high-end neutral density camera filters manufacturing filters from high quality 100% optical resin material using nano technology. The filters are perfectly colour neutral, more resistant to scratch, block more ultraviolet and infrared light and are treated with substances eliminating fingerprinting, fogging and build up of static electricity as well as increasing water and oil resistancy. The filters are easy to clean and shock resistant. Because the filters are coloured by bulk tinting, light scratches do not affect the performance of the filters and are not visible in final images.

The company produces wide range of full and graduated neutral density filters ranging from ND4 to ND32. While ZERO filters do not currently make their own filter holders, all their filters come in standard sizes (84, 100 and 150 mm wide and 2 mm thick with an exception of the new BTR filter which comes in a single size 100x150 mm) so they can be used with filter holders of other brands. Thanks to their colour neutrality, it is possible to stack filters without compromising the quality of resulting images. This allows the users to get the desired shutter speeds as well as the best possible results straight in camera when photographing certain high contrast scenes.

The company has a long experience in the field of optics and uses their own technologies ensuring the highest possible quality. All products are manufactured in-house and the company is continuously developing and improving its technologies with focus on performance while ensuring that the pigments and other chemicals used in manufacturing are environmentally friendly.

Why ZERO Filters? In the past, I was using filters from two different companies including one of the leading brands in the market. ZERO Filters however deliver better results and are more affordable compared to similar products of other brands. Last but not least, the innovative and environmentally oriented philosophy of the company has a great appeal to me.


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